This season, we’re stepping into the world of sports, play, and fitness – moving, collaborating, competing and celebrating. In this FIRST  LEGO League Challenge season: RePLAY, the creativity of young minds will transform spaces – from open fields to empty parking lots – into opportunities to play. What activities can we create there? How can the games and the places where we play change,  to reflect the people playing or the equipment we have?

In our everyday life, there are many places and situations in which we are not active,  moving is important to stay healthy and strong.

Opportunities to play are all around us. Teams will explore the activities we can do in different spaces and how we can ensure that our games and activities are fun and accessible for everyone involved.

In this season, for our Innovation Project, FIRST LEGO League Challenge participants will harness their natural curiosity and use their critical thinking and imagination to explore what future spaces for play will look like or what new games or sport we can come up with?


In the 2020/2021 FIRST LEGO League Challenge RePLAY season, teams will create fun new ways to get everyone moving. Your ideas can change your community or even the world!

For more information on the 2020/2021 Challenge season, please watch the following videos and read the documents.

FIRST  LEGO League Challenge Launch Video

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Overview Pdf

Getting Started Challenge Video Playlist

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Welcome Letter Pdf

The Team Meeting Guide will provide you, as a Coach, with information on team meeting sessions, so that you can guide your team through this season.

The Engineering Notebook is there for the team to document their season journey  – anything from ideas, designs, possible solutions, etc. about the Project or Robot and also about their understanding of the Core Values.

Both of these books will be supplied, after team registration.

The Robot Game Rulebook provides all of the Robot Game Rules and details on how to score points in the Robot Game.

LEGO Set FLLCGAMEGUIDE2020-1 RePLAY Robot Game Rulebook (2020 FIRST LEGO League) | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO