Robot Game

The Challenge set: consists of the Playing Field(mat) and the Lego building pieces for the Mission Models.  Teams can build their own Robot Game Table – Robot Game Table Building Instructions – this is where the Robot Game will be played.

The Robot Game Rulebook will be the team’s primary source of info about the Robot Game: Field placement, Field Setup and all the Robot Game Rules and details on how to score points, will be included in this book.

Depending on when you register and when the Challenge sets arrived in SA, you could receive your kit as early as July. As soon as you receive it, you can begin putting it together with your team, which is a great “team building” exercise, but you won’t know what the actual game is until the Challenge is released in the first week of August.  To even the playing field, so to speak, all teams are granted access to the Challenge at the same time. 

 Mission Model Building Instructions-??? for all interactive pieces on the field will be supply.

Make sure your team know ALL the Robot Game Rules.  Teams must learn the rules so that they can optimise their scoring ability. They need to know the rules, when they begin to strategise how they want to play their Robot Game.

Challenge Updates – After the season launch the Robot Game Rules will be updated  throughout the season. Teams need to visit this page regularly to keep up with these rule changes, as it could affect how your team programs their robot.

Robot Game Rule Tip:  Appoint 1 of your team members as Rule Master. Although all team members should learn the rules, this 1 kid, must make sure that the team always work within the Robot Game Rules and must check up on Robot Game Updates before the start of each practice session and inform the rest of the team. 

During a Robot Game the robots have to do the missions autonomously.  Teams will not be allowed to use, any kind of remote control or blue tooth to control the robot during the Robot Game.

A teams robot must be programme to try to score as many points as possible on the Playing Field in 1 round. 

The duration of a Robot Game round, is two-and-a-half minutes(150 sec).

At a tournament, 2 Robot Game tables will be set up, adjacent to each other. All the official Robot Game Rounds will be run on these tables.

All the mission models on this tables will be build according to the the same FIRST LEGO League Challenge Building Instructions, that the teams have used to build their own Mission Models. Teams don’t have to bring their own Mission Models to the Tournament Game Tables, unless the Robot Game Rules specify other wise. 

Teams will have 1 official practice round (the score doesn’t count) on the tournament tables. Then they will compete in 3 Robot Game rounds, on the official tournament tables, only the best score of the 3 rounds, will count.  

An Event/Tournament is more of a Celebration than a ‘competition’. Teams are going to show all their hard work, what they have accomplished, what they have learned, the skills they have acquired and how they work together as a team.