For a Challenge team to participate this season, the Registration fee will be R3300.

The Registration fee consists of 2 parts: 

  • Challenge set – R 2600
  • Team registration per team – R 700
  • Shipment of Challenge set in South Africa – R 100

Every year there is a new Challenge set, It can be shared by teams practicing at the same venue.
Every team has to pay a separate team registration fee.
For example: If you have 2 teams, you will have to pay R 2600 for 1 Challenge set and registration fee (per team R700) – R1400 = R 4000


Other costs

  • Robotics kits
  • [Computer or laptop]
  • Team clothes/shirts
  • Extra expenses

Robotics kits

 Every team needs to buy their own Robotics kit. 

Teams can decide which one of these robotics kits they want to use:
LEGO EV3 Mindstorms (discontinued), LEGO Education Spike Prime, Lego Mindstorm Robot Inventor (discontinued).

EV3 Core and Expansion set – not for sale in SA anymore. 
Spike Prime set: R7000 and Spike Expansion set R2600 including rechargeable battery.

Teams will be able to do a FIRST LEGO League season, without the expansion sets.

These robotics kits can be used for many years, so you don’t have to buy a new one every year. 

You can buy these kits from LEGO Education retailer: Hands on Technologies  (Please check out their specials)

Computer or laptop

Each team needs their own computer or laptop.
Many teams use secondhand computers or laptops. When Parents upgrade to newer equipment, they can donate their old ones to the team. Each team needs their own computer or laptop.
Before you buy a computer or laptop, make sure of the system requirements for Spike Prime or Robot Inventor.   Have a look at our FAQ page. 

Team clothes/shirts

Costs for team clothing will vary from team to team. Decide upfront on a maximum amount per shirt, for example R150. Sponsor logo’s can be printed on teamshirts.

Extra Expenses

 Extra expenses will also vary from team to team. Here is a list of materials or other things that a team may need in a First Lego League Challenge season:

  • Display/poster boards
  • Poster supplies like coloured pens, coloured or white card boards, prestik, etc.
  • Printing for your display board
  • Fuel costs for research field trips
  • Decorations for your Pit Area, on competition day
  • Materials to build a prototype of their Innovation Project solution 
  • Materials for team-building activities 
  • Hand-outs (if any) on Competition day
  • Perhaps the occasional cupcakes, chips or pizza

◊    Recycled materials can also be use.