What the team need’s to bring along on Competition day

  1. Team members and (at least) 2 Coaches
  2. Robot and attachments
  3. Robot Garage (container to carry robot in)
  4. Extra parts for your robot, like motors, sensors, connectors, axles, ext. 
  5. USB cable
  6. Laptop (with charger)
  7. Extention leads for electricity
  8. Extra battery packs or chargers for Robot
  9. All required Competition documents:  Team Info Sheets,   Summary pages for Robot Design and Innovation Project (More detail will be released just before the Competition
  10. Materials, props and equipment needed for Project presentation
  11. Team Engineering Notebooks or team scrapbook with all their notes, designs, ext. for both Robot Design and Innovation Project
  12. Printouts of some of the teams robot programs, or some programs  on a laptop or tablet, to show Judges
  13. Team posters/display boards or other decorations for pit area and a banner( if they want one)
  14. Table cloth
  15. Lunch, snacks and drinks
  16. Storage box for personal items
  17. Team clothing
  18. Patience, enthusiasm and lots of energy!!!
  19. Fun hand-outs – if any, to give to other teams like personalised pins, sweets and other inexpensive stuff