Teams are required to reister with FIRST Inspires

What does it cost to participate? 

There are costs involved with funding a FIRST Tech Challenge team can vary from team to team and region to region depending on what level of participation the team chooses.

Here are some basic cost parameters: 

  • International team registration varies by location. South Africa and neighboring countries teams to not pay a registration fee towards FIRST.

  • Team registration is generally between R 1 000 – R 3 000 per team, depending on the season sponsors.

  • Additional season cost could be: a robot kit of parts (Up to R 30 000), Game and fields elements (R 12 000 – R 17 000) travel, and additional costs for rookie teams is approximately R 30 000 – R 60 000.

  • The robot kit of parts is reusable each season, so veteran teams can expect to pay less.

  • FIRST offers many fundraising tools and teams are encouraged to create their own opportunities. Grants may also be available, as well as sponsorship’s provided locally, regionally and nationally by many corporations.

  • All costs for individual team members are assumed by the team as a group.