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FIRST® Steps: FIRST® LEGO® League (grades 4-8)

FIRST Steps is a full-year curriculum for FIRST LEGO League coaches and teachers.

The curriculum guides new coaches through their initial season with FIRST LEGO League and provides standards mapping and assessments for teachers implementing FIRST LEGO League in the classroom. It is a step by step, meeting by meeting framework that allows coaches or teachers with no previous FIRST experience to lead a robotics team through a successful first season.  The curriculum introduces students to the Engineering Design Process and coding in addition to providing activities to build skills such as collaboration, group decision making and communication. Differentiated activities are provided for different age groups or skill levels.

The curriculum is free and accessible to anyone via the Schoology learning management system.

“There was a visible reinvigoration of teacher morale through meaningful interactions with students engaged in the program. … we saw teachers becoming reinvigorated with students who were enthusiastic and engaged in learning — several of whom expressed a willingness to participate as team coaches in year two and beyond.”

Willis Independent School District, Willis, TX

FIRST Professional Development

Curriculum iconFIRST® Class: FIRST® Tech Challenge (grades 7-12)

FIRST Class is a free curriculum that provides authentic, real-world learning to students by bringing FIRST Tech Challenge into the classroom. The curriculum is designed to be a stand-alone robotics/programming/engineering course for grades 7-12 but also follows a timeline to allow students to be competition ready if they choose. Off season curriculum is designed to strengthen students’ programming and engineering practices.

The curriculum is free and accessible to anyone via the Schoology learning management system.

“I realized – Wow – this is a program that gets students excited – and feeding off the student excitement is enough to keep us going and give us the motivation to do and grow the program.”

John Galipault, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

FIRST Professional Development