At the end of the Discover Program, it’s time for the celebration event.  At this event  learners can celebrate and proudly exhibit and explain what they have learnt. 

The Celebration Event comprises of:

  • A celebration of the team’s accomplishment.  
  • A show of what the kids have learned
  • Sharing the First Lego League experience and CORE VALUES
  • For this event parents, family and other educators can be invited. Learners can show off and explain their STEM journey and everything they have learned through the DISCOVER Program.
  • Handing out of Certificates of Completion to all participating learners                                            

Events could be hosted at the ECD centre or school, where the learners have done there previous sessions.

◊ Discover is not a competition – it’s a Celebration!!! 

Interested in volunteering at a Celebration Event?  Click here