Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to coach a FIRST Discover team!

With your guidance, the team will be inspired to be more curious, trying to find out more about the season’s theme and gain a lot of new knowledge. You will be part of their first STEM adventure! 

As a coach, you will get a Team Meeting Guide to guide you through each coaching session. 

To be a coach you do not need a teaching background.  Being a FIRST Lego League Coach means that you are part of a First Lego League Community.  In this community you can ask for advise or help any time. – 

We want everyone: Team Members and Coaches to have a great FIRST experience, that is why we built FIRST Lego League upon a set of CORE VALUES .

Remember FIRST Lego League DISCOVER is not a competition, it’s a CELEBRATION of what the learners have learnt this season. At the end of the season they can proudly and with more confidence, share their knowledge and skills with other people.

◊ Keep in mind that a child can only be in 1 team for a season, but a coach can have multiple teams