The FIRST Discover is a ten (10) session program for learners aged 4 – 6 years (Grade R-1). Each session should be at least an hour in duration. The tenth session is the FIRST Discover Celebration Event. Parents and other educators are invited to this event. A FIRST SA representative could also be invited to the FIRST Discover Celebration Event!

There are 4 learners in a FIRST Discover team. Thus, for a class of 40 learners, there are 10 teams of 4 learners. Each team of learners is registered as a participating team.

On registration of each team of 4 learners, the coach will receive:

  • 1 x FIRST Discover set
  • 4 x FIRST Discover More Six Bricks boxes
  • 4 x FIRST Discover Engineering Notebook
  • 4 x FIRST Discover Certificates of Completion
  • 1 x FIRST Discover Team Meeting Guide (for the team coach/educator)

FIRST Discover Class Pack Grants

The FIRST Discover grants are available for teams of 4 learners in schools and Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers, especially in under-served communities. A class may have up to 40 learners, thus 10 teams of 4 learners.

FIRST Discover Class Pack Grant includes:

  • For each team a Discover set, and a Steam Park Set in a box (to share between 2 teams). This equipment is on loan and remains the property of FIRST SA and  must be returned after completion of Explore program.
  • Each participating learner is given an engineering notebook, a box of 6-bricks and a certificate and gift on completion.
  • Each participating educator is given a Team Meeting Guide, ongoing training, and development support. For a class of 40 learners, there should be at least 2 educators.

A banner may be available for the celebration event.

A FIRST SA representative must be invited to the FIRST Discover Celebration Event!

The coaches/educator is required to send session reports at the completion of each session. These reports must be emailed to

After the celebration event, a subsequent implementation may be negotiated. If a next implementation is not planned, the FIRST SA Loan Equipment must be returned to FIRST SA, to ensure that other learners benefit from this grant.  

The grant application form will be available at the end of October 2020.