It’s time for a Celebration Event!!!

It will be held at the end of the Explore program.

The Celebration Event comprises of:

  • A celebration of the team’s accomplishments.
  • Displaying their Show Me Poster and Lego Model
  • Reviewers will ask the team to explain their Show Me Poster.
  • Team will show the Reviewers their Lego Model and how they programmed it.
  • Learners will use their Engineering Notebook to help them show off and explain their STEM journey.
  • Sharing the FIRST LEGO League experience and FIRST CORE VALUES
  • For this event parents, family and other educators can be invited.
  • Handing out of medals to all participating learners.

Celebration Events can be held two ways:

  • Single teams will attend a Celebration Event at an elected Regional Venue.
  • Class Pack teams will have their Celebration Event at the school or centre, where they had their practice sessions

Coaches of Single Teams will be notified of Event Dates and Venues.

As long as Covid-19 are with us, no Regional venue-based Celebration Events will take place, FIRSTSA will organise Remote Events for all registered teams.

Visitors are encouraged to attend these Events and learn more about FIRST LEGO League Explore.

Interested in Volunteering at an Explore Celebration Event or Regional Explore Event? Click here