You will need the following materials per team:

  • 1 FIRST LEGO League PLAYMAKERS Explore set
  • 1 Lego Education WeDo 2.0  Core Set (plus extra batteries)
  • Bluetooth enabled tablet, laptop or computer
  • Engineering Notebooks for each team member
  • Team Meeting Guides for Coaches
  • Poster board and poster supplies
  • A large tray or something similar to transport the team’s Lego model

  Will be included in Registration Fee.

WeDo2.0 Core Set

This set is the basic robotics kit the team is going to work with. It can be used for many years, so you don’t have to buy this every year.

Playmakers Explore set

Every year the Explore challenge theme change, so every year you will need a new Explore set. 

Team Meeting Guide: 

This is a practical guide for Coaches in which each session is outlined. 

Engineering Notebook:

Each learner will receive an engineering notebook.   In this book, learners can make notes or drawings of their designs. This book will help learners at a regional tournament or at a Class Pack Celebration event, to explain their work to the reviewers. and to show their journey through the Explore season. 

Tablet, laptop or Computer

Every team will need a Bluetooth enabled tablet, laptop or computer on which they can do their programming.

What does a team need for practise?

Find a meeting space, such as as a classroom, playroom or garage.  A table for the kids to build their Lego models on and for their laptop/tablet when they do programming, will be great.

Keep in mind that a child can only be in 1 team for a season, but a Coach can have multiple teams.

WeDo2.0 can be bought from Hands on Technologies.