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Your team will learn about the transportation of cargo.

Your team needs to explore all the different ways cargo (packages, products and goods) are transported, sorted and delivered to it’s destination.  Children will learn how cargo is transported.  As more demands are placed on our transportation system, children need to rethink how cargo is  transported  from place to place to place, all over the world. 

Ruby and Jacob are the characters that will help you this season

Can your team improve the transport of cargo?

In the 2021/2022 FIRST  LEGO League CARGO CONNECT season, teams will create better and new ideas, of how to solve the problems, that we have in the transportation business.

What the team needs to do:

  • The team will build the Explore set Model (using the building instructions). 
  • Then use the rest of their Explore set and WeDo2.0 or Spike Essential pieces, to build another LEGO model, using all of the knowledge they have learnt through researching the theme. 
  • They will have to program one part of their model to move. 
  • They will also need to make a Show-me-poster, about the tea’s season journey.
  • After the team have completed all 12 Team Meeting Guide sessions, they will have a Celebration Event, to showcase their work

Coaches will be guided by the Team Meeting Guide, through each session.


Teams will need 12 sessions, to work through all the lessons and to have the full FIRST  LEGO League Explore experience. 

Kids must record what they learn in their Engineering Notebooks and also show it on their Show Me Poster. 


For more info on the 2021/2022 Cargo Connect Explore season, watch the following videos and read the Explore Challenge Overview

Cargo Connect Season Teaser

Cargo Connect Intro Video

Cargo Connect Explore set video

Cargo Connect Explore Overview