1. Entrance will be free.
  2. Please remember that teams are allowed to bring their own food and drink, but please make use of the designated eating areas outside
  3. There is seating area around the arena for the spectators and parents. We trust that this will contribute to their fun and enjoyment of the tournament.
  4. No practice rounds will be played when the competition starts.


  1. No practice rounds will be played when the competition starts.
  2. There will be no team introduction during the Opening Ceremony because of time constraints.

Pit Area:

  1. Parents will be allowed in the pit area.

Judging Rooms:

  1. Only the coach and Mentor allowed in the judging areas with their team
  2. Coaches and mentors are not allowed to interfere with judging; the judges will ask a coach or mentor to leave the room immediately in such an event. The only time that this will be allowed, is on special request if there is a language translations problem (at the latest during the coaches meeting)

While we all compete for the big prize I would like to urge all teams to again have a look at the core values of FIRST LEGO League. We are the only sport which really accepts the notion of gracious professionalism. It is of utmost importance that we show this in all that we do. And remember TO HAVE FUN!

Thank you
Johannes de Vries