Computer or Laptop:

Teams need to have access to a computer or Laptop for Programming and Research. Most entree level Laptops will do.

Robotics Kit:

Teams need to obtain there own Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics set and charger (+-R9500) and programming software license (Free). There is a add on EV3 Expansion set that really helps to build bigger and more complex robots (+-R 2 600).

Where to buy: See the Robotics stores on the website. This robot will be used every year for all challenges.

Registration Fee:

Teams need to pay R3300 per year to participate (Per team). This includes the FLL Challenge set for the year R2600 (that the team keep after the competition) and R700 Registration fee. Payment details will be mailed as soon as the team has registered online.

Team T-Shirts:

Teams could design there own shirts with the team name and challenge theme. Printed Shirts cost from R150 each. This is normally an item that could be sponsored.

Team Research Cost:

Teams should budget to go on field trips for their research, do some outreach work, creating a model, pit areas setup cost, research posters and for the occasional pizza and team building activities.