Innovation Project

Details of the new Challenge season will only be release at the official FIRST LEGO League launch in the first week of August.

Each year there’s a new theme, about a real world problem. Some of the past Challenges were about water, recycling, climate change, power utilisation, city shaping, etc.

 The broader new seasonal theme will be released earlier in the year, but it will not give the details of the Innovation Project. Teams can use this to start their research so that by the time of the launch, they will already have a lot of knowledge about the theme. Then identifying a specific problem will be easier and then they will have more time (after the launch in August) to work on their robot.

Research will help a team to:

  • Identify a problem based on the annual theme.
  • Design an innovative solution to the problem. 

Then more research needs to be done about the existing solutions for the team’s identified problem. Can your team think of a new way to improve or implement, an existing solution?  If not can you think of a totally new solution?

Teams need to speak to relevant experts about their identified problem and their possible solution. Field trips to relevant areas/companies will increase their knowledge about the annual theme. With feedback from the experts, the teams will be able to improve their solution.

Sharing the teams solution with the community is very important, because it can make a big impact and most likely improve peoples lives. The more people the team share it with, the better.

On the tournament day, teams have to give a five-minute presentation to judges in which they demonstrate and explain how they have identified, designed and shared their project.

A poster about their Innovation Project will make it easier to explain their Project Solution to the judges. Displaying it in their Pit Area will help to get the public and other teams more interested in their Project. Teams can build a prototype of their solution, that may also attract more attention to their Pit Area and my be helpful in their judging session too.