Welcome to First Lego League Discover!

This program is a playful way to introduce STEM skills  –  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – to children aged 4-6. 
Discover stimulates a natural curiosity in children and aims to grow their knowledge and help develop their habits of learning.  In the process Coaches and Educators, build a bridge between the real world and STEM skills, language and literacy.  By the end of this program, children will emerge more confident and  better equipped to face their future and discovering learning in a new way

How does it work?

A new and exciting challenge based on a real-world problem, is release every year. Children work in groups of 4, they begin their exploration of this real-world theme, with an exclusive LEGO Education DISCOVER Set. With this set as a starting point, they build a solution to the challenge with LEGO DUPLO elements. The program has 10 lessons, that include a Celebration Event (as lesson 10) at the end. At the celebration event learners share what they have learnt throughout this program with other teachers, various invited guests, parents and family. 

Discover Program can be run in 2 ways: 
  • Private teams, which can be part of a homeschooling group
  • At a school, preschool or at an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), where the program is run for bigger class groups.(Class-packs)

 Throughout their DISCOVER experience, teams operate under the FIRST CORE VALUES, all the while having fun!!!